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Drinks and snacks

With the help of the Internet of Things, cloud data and other technologies, Jingpin Hitech reshapes all links in the sales and operation of beverages and snacks. Support intelligent retail of drinks and snacks to better meet consumer needs in daily work and life.

  • Digital management

    To achieve systematic digital management of import, sales and storage, convenient sales and operation and maintenance of beverages and snacks.

  • A wide range of products for sale

    Support bottled water, beverages, juice, milk, beer, instant noodles, biscuits, bread, snacks and other bottled beverages and packaged snacks.

  • Unified management and operation of equipment

    Supports multiple models to break data islands between devices and form an integrated O&M management network.

Coffee and Tea

The existing coffee machine can be upgraded intelligently to help coffee machine operators establish unattended retail system. By docking different hardware protocols, the remote control management of multiple types of coffee machines can be realized.

  • Realize the whole process management of the import, sale and storage of coffee accessories, and automatically alarm the shortage of materials, water shortage, cup shortage and expiration of accessories.

  • Get through the multi-dimensional data of online platform, retail terminal and membership system, and master the operation of coffee machine in real time.

  • Support fresh grinding, instant, capsule and other models of coffee machine.

  • Compatible with face recognition technology, ERP system, work order system, customer service system, maintenance system and other third-party technology platform.

Medical Industry

It realizes one-stop cloud digital management of import, sale and storage of articles, and displays drugs, protective equipment, disinfection drug, medical apparatus and instruments in the way of item classification, which is convenient for users to search and buy.

  • Digital management can establish real, complete, accurate and traceable drug sales records.

  • It can detect the temperature and humidity environment of the vending machine in real time, ensure the storage environment of drugs, and ensure the quality and safety of drugs.

  • Exceptions are reported in real time, and O&M personnel handle related problems in time.


By the digitization and Internet of things technology, we can achieve more efficient management and operation of beer vending machines, help customers establish a complete member marketing system, and improve shopping convenience and user satisfaction.

  • The beer vending machine has the functions of scanning code selling, automatic wine dispensing and automatic cleaning.

  • Complete member marketing system, such as offline customer acquisition, online diversion, full reduction promotion, points and coupons and other activities.

  • Combined with RFID technology, intelligent beer vending machine can realize automatic replenishment in 1 minute.

Ice Cream

This solution brings intelligent and efficient human-computer interaction experience to the ice cream industry. Users only need to place an order with one button, and the ice cream vending machine can complete the production and sale of various flavors of ice cream and can support the simultaneous sale of coffee and snacks.

  • Digital management of ice cream raw materials, 24-hour monitoring of raw material source and quality.

  • Real-time viewing of sales data, efficient operation and management of multiple ice cream vending machines.

  • Complete member marketing system can carry out offline customer acquisition, online diversion, full reduction promotion, points and coupons and other activities.

Office Supplies

With the technical support of big data and cloud computing, the program can complete the preparation of office supplies, tools, spare parts, protective supplies and other items in advance, realize the rapid use of office supplies, effectively meet the needs of enterprises and employees and improve office efficiency.

  • Accurately identify customer requisition behavior, automatically generate orders and settle accounts, and realize unmanned warehouse management.

  • Support swipe card, scan code, face recognition and other different ways to receive.

  • The enterprise OA system is connected to achieve the matching and unification of employee authority and items.

  • Provide real-time requisition report, real-time tracking of changes in goods, timely replenishment.

Reference Pictures

The application scenarios of our scheme include dozens of unmanned retail formats such as scenic spots, schools, communities, hospitals, shopping malls, bars, restaurants, convenience stores, office areas, subway stations, railway stations, bus stations, airports and so on.





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