Put smart brains into smart
vending devices

Intelligent and stable terminal interactive experience

Humanized interactive experience
Standardized design concept
Minimalist aesthetic design principles

New retail cloud Manager

Mobile terminal seamless connection, monitoring at any time


  • Human-computer interaction

    Integration of commodity display, marketing interaction, advertising play, a variety of payment methods, perfect adaptation of a variety of display screen, custom display style, support a variety of marketing activities.

  • Analysis of data

    It can detect, track and collect equipment operation, equipment type, raw material inventory, order information, consumption information and other data, and generate visual data analysis reports.

  • Equipment management

    Get through the system process of operation, promotion, payment, replacement, management and decision-making between managers, operators and logistics personnel in multiple equipment terminals.

  • Client management

    Assist client agency, franchise, distribution and other business development, manage multi-level organization business system, complete the laying and layout of vending machines.

  • Operations management

    Realize goods into, sales and stock on the one-stop cloud digital management, establish a true, complete, accurate, and the traceability of the commodity sale management.

  • Member system

    Help customers establish a complete member marketing system by offline customer acquisition, online diversion, full reduction promotion, points and coupons and other activities.

  • Forewarning management

    Realize intelligent forewarning management of goods on sale, automatic warning and alarm for sales and inventory of goods, effectively ensure the efficient operation of equipment and normal sales of goods.

  • Advertising management

    The display screen can play advertising videos, activity posters, interactive games and other marketing content put by advertisers to attract users' attention and participation.

Easy docking of multiple devices

Jingpin Hitech can help customers realize unified operation and remote management of
mobile phones,vending machines and operation platforms, and effectively
integrate customers' ERP, OA, BI and other systems.




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