Jingpin Hitech and Pepsi-Cola are strategic partners in China. JingPin provided IOT platform for Pepsi-Cola, which connect ten thousands of smart devices, including smart vending machine, smart refrigerator and smart beverage dispensing device.

1. Consumers can buy beverage by themselves.
2. Real time monitoring of equipment status, raw material consumption and inventory.
3. In case of equipment failure or lack of raw materials, the messages can be automatically sent to relevant personnel.
4. Remote setting of beverage picture, formula and pricing.

Jingpin Hitech provides self-service sales system for Microsoft offices in Beijing and Shanghai, where employees can get office supplies at any time and conveniently.

1.Connect to the online office system of the enterprise, and intelligently match employees with the supplies and quotas they receive.
2.In the online mall, employees can book products for sale from non-local vending machines and arrange unified delivery.
3.It can support enterprises to carry out financial settlement on a monthly, quarterly basis, etc.

COFCO Coca-Cola Beverages Limited (CBL) is a joint venture between COFCO Corporation and The Coco-Cola Company (two Fortune 500 companies) for a specialized beverage business platform in China, CBL is the exclusive operative entity that bottles all Coca-Cola’s beverages.

1.Jingpin Hitech has provided a system solution based on smart retail AIoT cloud platform for CBL to manage their over 8000 vending machines
2.The services provided included membership marketing system, work order system and backend management system.
3.It provides 7*24 hours auto vending services.

Master kong

At the beginning of 2018, Jingpin Hitech assisted Master kong to accelerate the layout of self-vending business and set up a digital and intelligent ZHIYUN management system.

1. Unified management of operation personnel, warehouse personnel, distribution personnel and unmanned sales terminal equipment.
2. We helped Master kong to complete the in-depth docking of multiple underlying protocols and improved the mobile terminal operation and maintenance system.
3. At present, there are 30,000 smart vending machines in operation in China.

Chai Point has 150 offline stores in 18 cities in India, and has more than 3,000 "" smart tea terminals, with an average daily sales of about 600,000 cups of tea. Currently, these tea terminals are all developed by Jingpin Hitech - Smart Retail AIoT Cloud Platform.

1. Automatic alarms for material shortage, water shortage, cup shortage, expiry of accessories, etc.
2. Collect multi-dimensional data from online platforms and retail terminals to fully perceive consumer shopping needs.
3. We help Chai Point build a complete affiliate marketing system.

Suntory is an internationally renowned beverage manufacturer. With the help and service of Jingpin Hitech, it only took one week to complete the purchase and formal operation of the self-service coffee machine.

1. Support the operation and management of multiple models of self-service coffee machines
2. Optimized the user purchase process and improved the user shopping experience
3. Established a complete brand marketing system, and carried out activities such as member marketing, points exchange, discounts and so on

Cleaner is the most professional medical consumption scene service provider in China. In 2018, Jingpin Hitech developed a complete convenience self-service sales system for Cleaner. The system has won praise for its good performance in the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Add the mode of commodity light inspection, which successfully solves the problem of goods stuck in smart vending machines.
2. According to the unique consumption scenario of medical supplies, it can provide 7×24 hours service stably.
3. Established a complete brand marketing system, and carried out activities such as member marketing, points exchange, discounts and so on.

Brew valley is a craft beer brand of Lehui International Group. Through the cooperation with Jingpin Hitech, the beer vending machine of Brew valley has realized the functions of code scanning, automatic wine dispensing and automatic cleaning.

1.The beer vending machine has the functions of scanning code selling, automatic wine dispensing and automatic cleaning.
2.Complete member marketing system, such as offline customer acquisition, online diversion, full reduction promotion, points and coupons and other activities.
3.Combined with RFID technology, intelligent beer vending machine can realize automatic replenishment in 1 minute.

IceBot is an artificial intelligence unmanned retail machine that combines robot and ice cream. Users can make and sell various flavors of ice cream with just one click of an order.

1.Digital management of ice cream raw materials, 24-hour monitoring of raw material source and quality.
2.Real-time viewing of sales data, efficient operation and management of multiple ice cream vending machines.
3.Complete member marketing system can carry out offline customer acquisition, online diversion, full reduction promotion, points and coupons and other activities.

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